Traditional surveillance cameras have a narrow Field of View so if it was pointed to the left the incident happened on the right the camera was worthless. With new 360-degree immersive IP camera technology, this exciting and highly recommended where applicable technology not only gives users the ability to Pan-Tilt-Zoom in live but the capability to have hindsight & PTZ in recorded footage. The 360-degree camera also dramatically decreases building energy by reducing the amount of cameras to cover a typical environment.

First there was the fixed camera, and then came the Pan-tilt-zoom. Now there are 360-degree surveillance cameras in multiple resolutions, shapes & sizes. SensorTec Security has a simple Green value proposition "Less is More" Fewer cameras to buy, install, maintain, record and review. More field-of-view, higher resolution & no more moving parts!
The 360-degree camera integrates into a wide range for video analytics and video recording. Talk to SensorTec Security and take your digital surveillance solution to the next generation.